NRG / MWG Contract

To all NRG/MWG Members,


With the CBA and Benefits agreement between IBEW Local 15 and NRG/MWG both expiring on March 31, 2015, it is time for us to get input from our members on contract and benefit items that they would like to see changed.  We have a Contract Change Proposal Form that will be made available to the members at the NRG stations.


These forms are being made available at the Unit Meetings and are also available on our website at


The deadline for having these forms returned to the Local 15 Office is January 9, 2015.


Thanks for your assistance in this matter.


   President/Business Manager Dean Apple

   IBEW, Local 15

Terry McGoldrick 
President / Business Manager / Financial Secretary
Bill Phillips
Vice President / Senior Assistant Business Manager

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