Bill Phillips
Vice President / Sr. Asst. Business Manager

Temporary Agreement Squad - First Response

Recognizing the hazards of COVID-19 disease and trying to reduce the risk of employee infection during the COVID-19 pandemic, Local 15 and ComEd have reached a temporary, emergency agreement to create two squads of workers within Underground, Substation Construction and Overhead Departments at every reporting location. The intent is to reduce the number of possible employee-to-employee contacts by halving each work group. Employees in all job titles, from Lead Crew Leaders through Construction Workers, that work in crews will be assigned either Squad A or Squad B. Every effort will be made to keep employees from working with members of another squad during basic workdays and overtime.

For a period of four weeks, each squad will comprise a weekly overtime list, called the Pandemic Overtime List. Pandemic Overtime Lists, which will be one-half of the normal overtime list, will alternate weekly to be called first. Each list will be active for at least two weeks.

Overtime equalization was an issue without an easy remedy since tracking and then making up any by-passed overtime would be cumbersome and unpredictable with the length of the pandemic and work schedules once the crisis ends still unknown.

A First Response List of Crew Leaders and Journeyman job titles will be canvassed every week from the Pandemic Overtime List. One half of employees in the appropriate job titles will be canvassed to be ready to accept callouts for all seven days in the week and will be paid two hours straight-time per day. The Pandemic Overtime list will be used for any call-outs since a First Response List is incompatible with the ARCOS system. A missed call-out by an employee on First Response results in the loss of the duty pay for that day. The agreement was presented to affected members on April 20th and went into effect April 27th.

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