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Substation Construction Helper School Graduation


Matthew Housman, Sherman Bailey, Matthew Morris, Patrick Murphy, Daniel Cuevas, Marion Jeffery, Samuel Keller, Jesus Nieves, Jake Charleston, Tyler Krumpoch, Enrique Avila, Jamin Bryant, Alex Essington, Brett Gaydos, Robert Guzy, Donald Chavarria, James Merca, Omar Cedasero, Muhamet Ajvazi, Walter Alexander, Carson Baker, Kyle Biebly, Aaron Brauer, Reynaldo Esquivel

Rockford Training Center and Chicago Training Center pictured below

Substation Construction Helper Job Spec

Under the direct supervision as a member of a field crew to perform the simple manual work of assisting in the installation, removal, dismantling, maintenance, alteration and wiring of electrical and associated equipment; and to perform related work as assigned. Typical examples of the duties are:

1. To perform such work as cutting pipe and angle iron, breaking masonry, heating compounds and solder, mixing concrete, mortar, fireproofing compounds and other materials; pulling wires and cable; painting, removing insulation; and supplying mechanics with tools and materials.

2. To clean and wash insulators, bushings, transformers, and other equipment; to handle insulating oils and other liquids as instructed; and to perform work on various types of equipment, but not including aerial work on structures or towers.

3. To load, unload and store tools, materials, and equipment; to perform excavating work; and to clean work areas, tools, equipment, sewers, and intake screens.

4. As instructed, to drive a truck or truck and trailer, but not the operation of winch or boom.

5. Not eligible for upgrading to a higher classification.


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