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Sister, Nora McBride needs our help

Local 15 COC Nora’s son Beckett, is a 6-year-old boy who has recently had his life turned upside down!

Beckett had been having severe hip pain and other health issues. Lots of doctors and tests proved to not work so he was admitted to the hospital for more tests and pain management. MRIs, bone scans and other tests were proving to still give them no answers. Meanwhile, his pain was getting worse and he was developing more symptoms. During a MRI of his spine an image just happened to show a glimpse of the brain that threw up a red flag. He was then rushed back into an MRI for another scan of his brain. This scan confirmed that Beckett had hydrocephalus. The hydrocephalus is caused by a “mass/tumor” on his brain. Beckett was rushed to Lurie Children’s Hospital, and then into surgery. He now has a drain in his head to help relieve the pressure and fluid.

The next step is for Beckett to get a permanent shunt put in and then they will biopsy the tumor. There is still a lot of uncertainty and it will be a while before a full plan for Beckett is in place. The family is taking this all one day at a time and appreciates the love and support.

They have a long road ahead of them so please continue the prayers. If you want to help please visit the Beckett McBride GoFundMe page.


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