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Local 15 Members Complete Substation Construction A Mechanic School

Congratulations to Justinn Corpening, Kevin Millette, Vince Johnson, Tye Carrington, Ryan Peters, Miguel Corral, Kelsey Duquette, Jared Breitbach, Adrian Castro, Zachary Davis and Rodolfo Cerrillo Jr.

Electrical Mechanic - Substation Construction Job Spec

Duties: Under semi-direct supervision, to perform the more complex electrical and mechanical work involved in the installation, removal, dismantling, maintenance, alteration, and wiring of electrical equipment; and to perform related work as assigned. Typical examples of the duties are:

1. To install, inspect, dismantle, repair and maintain electrical and associated equipment at generation stations, substations, distribution centers, electric service stations, and network vaults, locating and correction trouble, making performance checks and adjustments, and setting up and connection oil handling equipment.

2. To wire switchboards, panels, transformers, regulators, and other equipment, and to perform power wiring, cable installation work, and electrical watch service.

3. To perform layout work for the construction of panels, ducts and other equipment; and to make sketches for the fabrication of parts.

4. Under the direction of a man of higher grade, to perform switching operations necessary to remove or return equipment to service; and to erect and remove barricades, scaffolds, and platforms.

5. To perform minor building alteration and repair in connection with electrical installation; and to do welding.

6. To maintain and repair elevators, heating plants, and other building equipment in assigned locations.

7. To train, instruct, and assign work to others assigned to assist.


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