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Flexible Work Agreement Extended

Senior Assistant Business Manager Mike Freeman along with Business Reps Fabian Vela and Lisa Sims have been in discussions with the company about extending the Flexible Work Agreement and on 4/16/2024 agreed to extend it for another year.  The original Flexible Work Agreement between Local 15 and ComEd was signed on May 6th, 2022, and provided the framework for clerical employees to work remotely (where possible), on a strictly voluntary basis, beyond the pandemic period.   The terms of the agreement remain the same.  HOWEVER, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of ensuring that we do not lose work. The implementation of new technology brings about changes in work duties and processes. It is incumbent upon all our members to ensure that we are not losing work to management and analysts.  The new systems have a new look, a new feel, new procedures, and many workarounds. It may be difficult to always see a clear line of demarcation between management and bargaining unit duties.  If there is ever a concern or question about job duties, please reach out to your stewards.  They can do the investigation to ensure that our work does not get siphoned off during these huge technological changes. If it turns out that we are losing work or that people are letting management perform BU work for the convenience of working remotely, we will not be renewing the agreement moving forward. There have also been issues with members operating outside the parameters of this agreement and that abuse and/or non-compliance could also result in the agreement not being extended in the future. Convenience of working at home is not worth losing jobs.  


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