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First Local 15 Fiber Fuse made!

On October 4th, 2021 Local 15 signed an Overhead Fiber Optic Work Memorandum of Agreement. Part of that agreement was the creation of a new job classification called Fiber Fuser Tech (FFT). It is a stand-alone job classification that is not part of any promotional series. The Fiber Fuser Tech will perform Overhead Fiber Optic Splicing Work, which include; Preparation, splicing or termination, and acceptance testing of new splices on the strands of a fiber optic cable. Installation of a new splice on a fiber optic cable. Repair work on fiber optic cable that is damaged or has signal issues. Replacement of an existing splice or repair, modification or reconfiguration of an existing splice on existing fiber optic cable. Pictured above is Local 15’s first Fiber Fuser Tech, Preston Turner. On Friday, June 23rd at 10:31am, Preston made the first Local 15 Fiber Fuse in Schaumburg. The first Fuser job consisted of Fusing 144 Fiber Optic lines and testing the lines for proper signals.

Pictured are Local 15 President and Business Manager Chris Riser, FFT Preston Turner and Local 15 Vice President Ben Busser.


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