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Energy Legislation Update

Illinois lawmakers wanted to create and pass comprehensive energy legislation in the 2021 Spring legislative session. President Terry McGoldrick and Vice President Bill Phillips are more involved in politics than our Local has ever had to be in the past. They worked alongside labor throughout the state including the AFL-CIO in order to keep our members employed. As we all know this has been an uphill battle. Covid-19, ComEd deferred prosecution agreement and Splitting of the company all falls on the shoulders of labor to battle through and convince Illinois politicians that we need to get something done for our members. May 31st came and went without any legislative help. There were many forward movements during the Spring legislation that led to the talks of bringing back both chambers to vote on energy legislation after the session had ended.

This was good news but complicated things even further as legislation now needs to receive 3/5th vote or greater to pass the bill. Exelon is in agreement with the state on funding and a timeframe to keep the Nuclear fleet alive and our members employed. ComEd is onboard with ending formulary rates as they are in today's environment, and going to a new process with ratemaking that incorporates more oversite. Many renewable lobbyists want to close the Coal and Natural Gas Generating facilities immediately. Local 15 wants to keep these stations operating as long as possible. On June 15th and 16th, we thought the Senate and House of Representatives would vote on the comprehensive energy bill. There were portions of the bill unrelated to the Nuclear and ComEd topics that delayed the bill then and continue to delay it now. We are being told that the stakeholders involved in the bill being held up are meeting on a regular basis and that those meetings are productive. We believe these negotiations will end with finalized language on an energy bill. That bill will then be distributed to legislators to review. Both the House of Representatives and Senate will then have to be called back for a vote. We believe this vote will take place at some point this summer. Lawmakers can now vote remotely, which is a positive change. Once voted on and passed by both chambers it will go to the Governor, where we believe he will sign it as well. Exelon, Local 15 leadership and our members continue to remain patient as we wait for this legislation.


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