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Election 2020

Tuesday November 3 is Election Day. Like every election, this one is crucial. The citizens of the United States have selected their leaders of the world’s longest-standing democracy. For over two-hundred and thirty years, our officials have abided by election results and peacefully transferred power.

Turnout is expected to be high compared to previous years. However US turnout is not impressive relative to other countries; 59.2 percent of the US voting eligible population voted in the 2016 presidential race. In highly developed, democratic states, the U.S. placed twenty-sixth out of thirty-two in a survey of election turnouts from 2014 to 2018.

Nearly one-hundred million Americans didn't vote. A non-voter may claim that one missed vote doesn’t make a difference. Over 94 million uncast votes do.

Four years ago in Illinois, the presidential turnout was 62.2%, Indiana—56.4%; Iowa—68.4%; and in Wisconsin 69.5% of the voting eligible population cast a presidential ballot.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers endorsed Joe Biden for President in February during the primary races before the nominations were decided.

The Politics tab on IBEW 15’s website lists endorsed candidates in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa. Endorsed candidates in Illinois are listed by the county that contain their districts. The lists include links to Election Authorities, voting records, and the candidates.

Early voting and grace period registration is generally available until November 3. Information is available from your local Election Authority, listed on pages 7 thru 9 of this issue of the UNITY.

Every member is urged to consider supporting worker-friendly candidates when casting their ballot.


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