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Congratulations to the Graduating Class of General Service Representatives (GSRs)

(Pictured Left) Left to right, Carlos Jenkins, Nicole Williams, Jasmine Neal, Saquetta Lloyd, Natasha Finley, Durell Dawson, Reanika Johnson

They finished their classroom training on Friday the 17th. Passing an assessment test and participation in a day in the field visit at the location they bid on are prerequisites to being offered the GSR position. During their day in the field visit they are also required to take and pass the Smith Driving course online.

The GSR classroom training is an extensive 12 week course. The training course must cover a vast array of topics and issues that GSRs need to learn to be successful as a GSR. GSRs prepare the necessary sketches, work orders, contracts and other essential paperwork and orders required for the extension and connection of electric service. They need to learn Charging Policies and Rates to know what needs to be charged and/or billed to customers and what costs are absorbed by the company. They must learn Construction Standards and know what Design Options are available to them to set up equipment for customer connections. The GSRs need to learn about Joint Work Agreements, Municipality Permits, Easements and Real Estate, Wildlife and Protected species just to name a few. Although their classroom training is complete, next week they will each go on to their new work sites where they will continue learning new aspects of their job.


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