Bill Phillips
Vice President / Sr. Asst. Business Manager

Clerical Workforce COVID-19 Update

We are roughly a little over a month into Illinois’s shelter-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a very chaotic experience and quite a few changes have been made to maintain the safety of our members. Throughout this process Local 15 clerical Business Representatives Michael Freeman and Fabian Vela have been in constant communication with the Company in order to protect our members safety while still ensuring the CBA is followed.

The COVID-19 Emergency Agreement was a product of these discussions. Kudos goes out to all our Clerical members who have been very flexible and patient considering the situation. A large number of Clerical employees have transitioned to work remotely to mitigate exposure not only to themselves, but also to the employees who continue to report to their normal operating locations.

PPE was a concern for office employees in the early phase of the pandemic, but the Company has been able to obtain necessary PPE (including masks and gloves) for employees at locations throughout the organization, as needed. Also, prescreening has started at Nuclear stations and various ComEd Commercial locations. Employees who enter these locations are given temperature checks and asked questions by nurses in order to try to continue to reduce exposure risk for employees who are still reporting for work at Company locations. Based on those answers, and once cleared by the nurse, employees can then proceed to their work areas, or if not they are to be flagged for possible viral infection and quarantine.

Benefits have also been enhanced for employees dealing with issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Bright Horizons (child and senior care service). The Company has also created a website related to COVID-19 issues and benefits that employees can visit for updates. Finally, seeing as things have moved at such a rushed pace over the past few weeks, we ask our members to be diligent in maintaining our work and report any issues with management performing bargaining unit work to their Steward or Business Representative, per the normal process.

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