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Clerical Flexible Work Agreement

On May 5th, 2023 IBEW Local 15 and ComEd/BSC reached an agreement to extend the Flexible Work Agreement for an additional period of one (1) year. The agreement provides the opportunity for designated clerical work groups to be able to work remotely. All terms and conditions of the original agreement will remain in place, however the parties agreed to include new language which addresses concerns over the recording of training sessions. The new language is as follows:

Section X.

F. Any employee covered under this agreement required to turn on their camera during recorded training while working offsite will have the option to come onsite for training in a non-recorded environment. Those employees covered under this agreement attending training onsite will not be required to turn on their camera for recorded trainings.

The parties will continue to meet to discuss related issues and any possible continuation of the agreement. The Union’s major concerns continue to be that the CBA be followed, and that remote work does not result in a loss of work for our members. Representing Local 15 in the extension discussions have been Senior Assistant Business Manager & Arbitration Coordinator Michael Freeman and Business Representatives Fabian Vela & Lisa Sims.


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