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Burn Gel Will Save Your Skin

When a burn occurs, seconds count! Heat will continue to destroy the surrounding tissue unless burn injuries are cooled immediately. Burn gel kits stop the burning process, cool the burned area, relieve pain, and protect against contamination.

Electrical arc flashes or blasts produce extremely high temperatures, up to 35,000°F . Fatal burns can occur when the victim is several feet from the arc. Serious burns are common at a distance of ten feet. Staged tests have shown temperatures greater than 437°F on a person standing close to an arc blast. All electrical burns require medical attention.

Electrical contacts may cause fractures or dislocations secondary to blunt force trauma or muscle contractions. In high voltage injuries, most damage may occur internally. The extent of the injury cannot be judged by examination of the skin. Contact with either low voltage or high voltage may produce cardiac arrhythmias or cardiac arrest.

Superficial 1st Degree Burn (112°F) - minor epidermis damage; red, tender, dry, no blisters. Heals in three to six days.

Partial Thickness 2nd Degree Burn (140°F) - impacts epidermis and dermis, thick-walled blisters which may rupture, painful, especially if pressure is applied. Heals in three to six weeks, potential scarring, may require hospital admission, surgery