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Albertino Financial Workshop

On Thursday, January 25th Albertino Financial held a workshop for Local 15 members, some members brought their spouses, totaling over 70 people at AL’s Steak House, in Joliet.  Albertino Financial group gave a presentation discussing ESP (401k) plan options and strategies, Social Security, Pension Plans and Retirement Scenarios.                                                                                                                                   Local 15 Vice President, Ben Busser gave a presentation to the group on the Service Annuity Plan (Traditional Pension) and the New Pension Plan for Bargaining Unit Employees.  Ben also gave additional information and examples on the Employee Savings Plan(401k).                                                                                                                                  The workshop seemed to be extremely beneficial for everyone who attended.  We know that it is important to educate our    members on our benefits and we are trying to find new and improved ways to make that happen. 


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