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Commercial Physical

Nineteen Local 15 members, part of the first class of the newly established Construction Worker classification, completed their seventeen-day training on November 16th. Training took place at ComEd’s  Rockford and Chicago Training Centers. Topics for the entry-level job included basic tool use and safety, recognizing hazards, and manhole attendant duties. The Construction Worker is intended as an entry level job that offers electrical utility experience for workers before they enter apprenticeships.


Local 15 and the Company reached an Agreement to create the new classification on August 8th. Fifty positions in the new title by year’s end were part of the agreement. The Company promptly posted the openings; processed bids; placed external hiring notices; set up curriculum, schedules, Instructors and Demonstrators in order to fulfill the commitment. Listed alphabetically, the new Construction Workers are Kenneth Anderson, Dewayne Brooks, Michael Coniff, Aaron Glenn, Adam Grzych, Anthony Helmer, Jason Heyrman, Andrew Holmblad, Christopher Houk, Steven Johnson, John McClindon,  Clifford Montgomery, Paul Nikopoulos, Bryan Nilles, Zach Nyman, Steven Reyes, Dwayne Summerville, Ray Starzynski, and Cedric Winfield.


Overhead Electrician Special Training

 Six new Overhead Electrician Specials (OES) successfully finished training last month.


OESs generally work alone to operate the distribution system, respond to emergencies, trouble-shoot and restore interrupted electrical service. They work shifts around the clock including weekends and holidays


Displaying their Certificates of Completion, Ronnie Andrade, Jasper Brown, Wilson Pulla, Kurt Aelhart, Corey Duan, Joseph Knigge, and Instructor Tanya Stephens are standing left to right above. The Union Demonstrators pictured kneeling are Ed Coyne, Marvin Enoch, Jim Collins and Alberto Moreno. 


New Commercial Physical Job Class Established


IBEW Local 15 and Commonwealth Edison have reached an agreement to establish a new entry-level job classification. The parties finalized negotiations on August 8th with the signatures of Terry McGoldrick, Terry Sheridan and Mark Shaulis representing the Union and Tim McGuire, David Perez, Susie Kutansky for the Company, capping long negotiations that drew input from all sectors of the Company and our membership.


The new Construction Worker job classification is intended provide new employees with electrical utility experience by working with Underground, SubStation Construction and Overhead  crews before they enter apprenticeships in those departments or promote to other positions.

The origin of the new classification began with the AMI  project to install over 4,000,000 smart meters. The new technology would eliminate a monthly visit to each meter by one of hundreds of Meter Readers.


Thousands of Local 15 members had started their ComEd careers by walking read routes before promoting to higher classifications. AMI would reduce the number of Meter Readers by about 90%. The lower number of future Meter Readers  raised the issues of who and how to place employees in the skilled trades that build and maintain the transmission and distribution systems. 


The Construction Worker will not be part of a promotional series but will be eligible alongside other eligible members for Commercial Physical jobs by service date.


A CDL permit, successful CAST test, and completion of an assessment will be required before starting training. Construction Workers entering apprenticeships in Overhead, SubStation Construction will enjoy pay protection if the new title has lower pay.


The Company plans to post Construction Worker positions to current employees in mid-September.

Please check the Job Line at 877-7EXELON regularly for the latest postings. All postings, including laterals and promotions for all job classifications, are listed there. A failure to properly bid will disqualify an employee for the posted positions.



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